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Let's face the truth: the real carrot cake

I lied.  A little.

The recipe was fine and I followed it. I have baked that cake thousand times: I am not a really good baker but that one is so simple that everybody can actually cook it.  Or so I thought. 
I forgot to add the baking power. I realize when the dough was already in the oven. So I googled like crazy what to do. And I tell you now: there is nothing to do. Pray for it so it can grow a little. It did no. It was an orange brownie.

And I was in a hurry so I put the frosting too soon, without waiting for the cake to cool down. The mascarpone started to melt and melt and my cake at the end looked like it was the Main Character in one movie for adults, if you know what I mean.

It was really tasty, yes.
But you felt a little dirty eating it.

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